Monday, January 21, 2008

Art Gallery

For today's post I thought I'd do an art gallery of my kids creations. I never enjoyed art as a kid. I guess I didn't like getting my hands dirty. At first when homeschooling I was hesitant to get out the paints etc. I didn't want the kids to "make a mess" After getting some art curriculum going for them (and learning how to manage the mess) I've discovered a whole new world. I don't even mind getting my hands all inky doing cards now! The kids look forward to their art time 3 or 4 days a week.
We started off using How Great Thou Art curriculum, which I really enjoy. It's taught on video and is a Christian Curriculum. This year we are doing Ateiler Art, which is also on DVD- It helps to have an experienced art teacher to guide them through the lesson!
Enjoy your visit to our little gallery!

Still life- 12 yr old son

still life- 9 yr old daughter

Positive & Negative Collage- 12th grade daughter
Pieces were cut out of dark paper and then laid on the white paper next to the cut out piece.

Horizon Line- Expressionism- 12th grade daughter- this isn't finished yet but I love how it looks!

Horizon line- expressionism- 12 yr old son

Horizon line- expressionism- 9 yr old daughter

Color lesson- tropical bird- 12th grade daughter

Crowd and Action painting- a swimming meet- 9 yr old daughter

Crowd and Action painting- dog sled race- 12 yr old son

My happiest memory- self expression- 12 yr old son
Camping out and hunting with Dad!

My happiest memory- self expression- 9 yr old daughter
Being at Grandma's in Iowa ( swinging in her tree swing!)

Contour drawing/still life
12th grade daughter.

More is coming in another post.... stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! What talented children you have! I must look into that art curriculum. I have heard of it before. TFS!

Nancy Grant said...

Thanks for sharing your children's art. It sure is neat what they can do.

You are blessed indeed.