Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Art Gallery

These are clay pots made by forming coils and building up as you go. However, I discovered I got the wrong kind of clay! It was supposed to get hard after about a week. Three weeks later these pots are still soft enough to squish back together!!!! The red one is by 9 yr old daughter, yellow one is 12 yr old sons.

Oil pastel drawing made by 12th grade daughter.

Painting by 12th grade daughter. This is the Laura Ingalls Wilder home in Mansfield, Missouri. She used the photo we took on our trip last spring to paint the picture, with a few changes to reflect how it might have looked when the Wilder's lived there.

"Egyptian Art" by 12th grade daughter. This is done on black paper using soft pastels.

"Paint & Scratch" by 9 yr old daughter. A really cool technique is to make layers of different colored paint and then scratch through it to expose the color underneath.

"Paint & Scratch" by 12 yr old son- I like how he made the northern lights behind the caribou.

"Overlapping Animal Shapes"- 9 yr old daughter
"Overlapping Animal Shapes"- 12 yr old son

"Magic Circus" - this was really cool! For the background it was painted on wet paper. You put splatters and different brush strokes on the paper to make a really neat design. You can even tilt the paper to let the paint run together. Then the objects are drawn with marker on paper, cut out and glued to the background. This picture is 12 yr old son's.

"Magic Circus" by 9 yr old daughter.


Nancy Grant said...

You have such a talented family Lisa!


samgirl said...

wow! Great artworks - you have very creative children!!! Love your blog :)