Friday, November 16, 2007

Blessings in the Mail

Bringing home the groceries by sled!

This is the second sled full of supplies!

What a mess... but it will all be put away soon!

God's blessings of a full pantry!

Supplies in back Arctic entry

We are so thankful for answered prayer today about our supplies coming in. 12 boxes of our groceries were at the post office today and I hauled them home in two trips. This is a little different from you usual trip to the grocery store, isn't it? The kids hauled the boxes into the house and we began the process of getting everything upstairs to the kitchen. Our cupboards are well stocked now. We also have a storage room in our new back arctic entry with a freezer and shelves for dry goods that won't be harmed if they get frozen. It's full of supplies as well.

Another blessing in the mail was our new prayer cards that we've have been waiting for since last summer. We had several problems getting them made and then couldn't get them shipped directly to us. So we had them sent to family and then mailed on up to us. Now we can work on sending all our supporting churches these new prayer cards!

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Nancy Grant said...

God's blessings indeed.